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18th International Congress of Metrology
Article Number 01007
Number of page(s) 7
Section Metrology Custom-Made Issues / Metrologie : Des Enjeux Sur-Mesure
Published online 18 September 2017
  • D. Nordon, Smart Metrology (Conférence Youtube, 2016)
  • ISO/CEI GUIDE 99, International vocabulary of metrology -- Basic and general concepts and associated terms (VIM)
  • ISO/CEI GUIDE 98-4, Uncertainty of measurement -- Part 4: Role of measurement uncertainty in conformity assessment
  • Collège Français de Métrologie, Surveillance des processus de mesure
  • AFNOR BiVi : Métrologie • MTL-I-10-81 Les comparaisons inter-instruments : principes et mise en oeuvre, Jean-Michel Pou
  • MTL-I-10-82 Comparaisons inter-instruments : exemples industriels, Pierre Barbier, Jean-Michel Pou
  • FD X07-014, Métrologie - Optimisation des intervalles de confirmation métrologique des équipements de mesure
  • NCSL International, RP-1:Establishment and Adjustment of Calibration Intervals,
  • ILAC-G24 / OIML D 10 : Guidelines for the determination of calibration intervals of measuring instruments
  • Collège Français de Métrologie,Application du nouveau concept d’étalonnage du VIM 3
  • ISO/CEI GUIDE 98-3,Uncertainty of measurement -- Part 3: Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement (GUM:1995)
  • ISO/CEI GUIDE 98-3/S1, Uncertainty of measurement Part 3: Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement (GUM:1995) Supplement 1: Propagation of distributions using a Monte Carlo method
  • NF ISO 5725-2, Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results -- Part 2: Basic method for the determination of repeatability and reproducibility of a standard measurement method
  • FD X07-023, Évaluation de l’incertitude de mesure par la méthode Monte Carlo - Principes et mise en oeuvre du supplément 1 au GUM
  • ISO 14978, Geometrical product specifications (GPS) — General concepts and requirements for GPS measuring equipment
  • ISO 14253-1, Geometrical product specifications (GPS) -- Inspection by measurement of workpieces and measuring equipment -- Part 1: Decision rules for proving conformity or nonconformity with specifications
  • AIAG, MSA : Measurement systems analysis (Automotive Industry Action Group)
  • Leblond L. Pou J-M,Control of customer and supplier risks by the guardband method, (International Journal of Metrology and Quality Engineering, Vol 6, N°2, 205, 2015) [CrossRef] [EDP Sciences]
  • Pou J-M,Bayes, or an exciting way to (re)consider measurements. (Bayes, ou une façon si enthousiasmante de (re)considérer les mesures…), (