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16th International Congress of Metrology
Numéro d'article 05002
Nombre de pages 4
Section Dosimétrie et Radiothérapie et Santé / Dosimetry and Radiotherapy & Health
Publié en ligne 7 octobre 2013
  • Pinto M. et al., Development of a new in-waterphantom graphite calorimeter for the measurement of absorbed dose to water in medium energy x-ray beams, this proceeding. [Google Scholar]
  • Dufreneix S. et al., Construction of a large graphite calorimeter for measurements in small fields used in radiotherapy, this proceeding. [Google Scholar]
  • Di Venanzio C et al., Characterization of a synthetic single crystal diamond Schottky diode for radiotherapy electron beam dosimetry, February 2013, 40(2), 021712(9 pp), Medical Physics. [CrossRef] [PubMed] [Google Scholar]