17th International Congress of Metrology

17th International Congress of Metrology
September 21-24, 2015, Paris, France

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Congress introduction

Measure, analyse and innovate: an on-going challenge!

The International Congress of Metrology from 21 to 24 September 2015 (CIM 2015) in Paris (France) with the ENOVA Show

The CIM is to be the meeting-point for technical exchanges between all the actors of measurement: industrial users of equipments, technical experts, public and private laboratories, manufacturers and service providers.

This congress is unique in Europe.

It explores developments in measurement techniques, R&D advances and their implication for industry.

It demonstrates how measurement improves, day-to-day, industrial processes and risk management.

The major topics of the Congress are presented within 6 industrial round-tables:

  • Bestpratice in healthcare: contribution of metrology
  • Energy transition: metrology meets challenges
  • The world of soft metrology
  • Outsourcing metrology: dream or reality?
  • Agrifood: metrological advantage
  • Risk management and control: new approach for ISO 9001

180 presentations are introduced on a variety of topics.

The main technical fields are dealt with: mechanics, temperature, dimensional and 3D, flow, electricity, optic...

The general topics such as uncertainty of measurement, statistics, cost optimisation... will not be forgotten.

New concerns are also introduced: security in healthcare and agri-food, challenges related to climate change, nanotechnologies...

To complete this programme, technical visits are planned at the Observatoire de Paris, SOPEMEA and LNE.

The Congress is organised by the Collège Français de Métrologie in partnership with Euramet, European co-operation for Accreditation, the BIPM, the OIML, the NCSLi, the NPL, the DFM and the METAS concerning the international participation. Users, professionnals and academics complete this organisation: A+Métrologie, Acac, Afnor Normalisation, BEA Métrologie, CETIAT, Hexagon Metrology, Implex, LNE, PSA Peugeot Citröen, Trescal, l’Université de Bourgogne and Wika.

The main partner of the CIM 2015 is A+ Métrologie.

The other sponsors are: CETIAT, Hexagon Metrology, Implex, Metrologic Group and Wika.

The Ministry in charge of Industry and the Ministry of Culture also support the event.

The CIM 2015 is co-organised with ENOVA, a trade show dedicated to technologies in Electronic, Measurement, Vision and Optic. The both organisers created a meeting-point between the Congress and the show at the heart of the exposition: The Metrology Village.